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 01254 368565 mon-fri

To help you get the fastest response according to the manufacturer's own warranty procedures, please find the manufacturer's name below.

Warranty is held with 3COM direct, Customer must contact them on 0870 9093266 from day of purchase.
There are two options available to you with regards to the ABIT board(s) on your RMA application.
You can contact ABIT directly on 01438 362088 or email They will repair / replace your board under the terms of your warranty. ABIT state that they will turn your defective board(s) around within 10 day working days?
We only handle the warranty if it is DOA and they require an advanced replacement or credit. Important:
Click Here for more information on Warranty
Warranty is held with APC direct, contact them on 0800 2799254 from day of purchase.
Support Line: 0207 744 0050, Online RMA form Click Here.
Warranty is 1 year RTB for replacements
Warranty is held with Belkin direct; Customer must contact them on 01933 352000
Warranty is 1 year RTB with us for replacements.
Warranty is 1-year RTB. Replacements will be code X only.
BTC Monitors:
Warranty is held with BTC direct; Customer must contact them on 0871 855 3176.
Warranty is 1 year RTB for replacements.
All items should have a warranty card insert.  The customer service contact number is 0871 8553176
Standard warranty is 90 days, different products may have longer but this will be stated on our sales order.
Warranty is 1 year RTB for replacements.
We sell these with a 1-year RTB warranty, our tracking label is used to validate the warranty and CPU`s with no labels will be RTCU O.O.W.
Warranty for the OEM is validated by the PO sticker on the CPU. Retail CPU’s should have the serial number which will have been scanned by the warehouse when picking it.
Warranty for Retail CPUs is 3 year RTB for replacements. Warranty for OEM products is 1 year RTB for replacements. We must validate that it is a retail CPU before accepting the return. Go to and type in the 5 digit number that can either be found on the CPU or it will be the last 5 digits of the Intel product code.
Warranty is 1-year RTB; this is validated by our tracking label as with CPU's.
Difusion / AMW (GNR):
Warranty is held directly with GNR from day of purchase, Customer must complete GNR on-line returns procedure If no Internet, customer can phone 0870 129 4888.
Warranty is held with D-Link direct, Customer must contact them on 0208 955 9000 option 3 from day of purchase. For more details click here.
EDGE 10:
Warranty is held with Edge 10 direct; Customer must contact them on 07077 810210
Warranty is 1 year RTB for replacements
Warranty is 1 year RTB for replacements
We sell Fujitsu Hard-drives with 1-years RTB warranty.
Warranty for motherboards & cases with a 1 year RTB for replacement.
Warranty is 1 year RTB for replacements
Warranty is 1 year RTB for repair. If customer wishes to return to GBT they get 2 years warranty. They can contact GBT by emailing or telephone 01908 362700 ext 210.
Important:Please only return the faulty board and not all the accessories, as we cannot take responsibility for missing accessories.  It is only the board that is returned to the manufacturer.
If a customer has an item that fails within 30 days we handle the warranty as normal. If it becomes faulty after this period, the reseller/end user must contact Zoom/Hayes direct on 0870 720 0040. V92 OEM Modems come with 1 year warranty. V92 RETAIL Modems come with 5 year warranty.
Warranty is 1 year RTB for replacements
Kingston memory is sold with a lifetime warranty; the 1st year is with us then the remaining years direct with Kingston. Customer can contact them on 01932 738888
Clevo (Golden Star is the UK business partner of Clevo) Warranty is 1-year collect and return warranty, this can be upgraded to a 3-year collect and return warranty £59 at time of purchase (NB-3YEAR-WARRANTY) 2nd and 3rd year parts chargeable.
Warranty is held directly with LG. CRT Customers must contact 01234 344206; LCD customers must contact 0870 0131035.
Warranty is direct with Maxdata. Customers can contact them on 01344 788920
Warranty for Maxtor drives is 1-years RTB. There may be extended warranty, customer can check with Maxtor by ringing 00 353 1204 1111
Hardware: Warranty is 1-year RTB for replacements
OEM Software:
For new Media:
COA (Windows Product key):
All other Software: Warranty is 1 year RTB for credit upon confirmation product is faulty, we need the serial number and product key before we can process return.
3 Year On-Site Warranty with a next working day response.
Please note: NEC will accept that customers may add additional items to the machines, however, unless these NEC components are purchased via an NEC approved reseller, these parts will not be supported in a machine. NEC would advise that only parts from the original component manufacturer should be used in order to avoid hardware conflicts. In this case should a machine develop a problem whilst under warranty, the unit will need to be returned to the original configuration prior to support being granted.
Warranty is 1 year RTB for replacements.
Warranty is 3 years RTB for replacements.
Warranty on PC`s is 5-year RTB, 1st year parts and labour included, 2-5th year labour free, parts are chargeable. Collection will probably be required on these.
Contact Relisys for honoured Warranty claims on Tel: CRT / LCD /lcdtv 0870 2642037 lcdtv - above 17" 0870 2642038
Warranty is 1-year RTB for replacements.
Warranty is 1-years RTB. Customer may be entitled to more contact Seagate to confirm on 0800 7835177.
Warranty is held direct with shuttle customers must contact 0870 24 89 627. Except in the case of the bare bone units which have 1 year RTB for repairs. Accessories - Warranty is 1 year RTB for replacements
FDD: We sell Sony FDD with a 1-year RTB warranty. OEM Optical Drives: Warranty is 1 year RTB for repair.
We sell Taurus power supplies with a 1 year RTB warranty for replacements.
Warranty is 1 year RTB for replacements.
Warranty for hard drives is 1-years RTB. Notebooks support line: 0810 60110309.
Warranty is 1 year RTB for replacements
We sell XFX graphics cards with a 2 year RTB warranty: for replacements