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    Apple iPhone 15 Pro 15.5 cm (6.1") Dual SIM iOS 17 5G USB Type-C 1 TB Titanium

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    Apple iPhone 15 Pro . Display diagonal: 15.5 cm (6.1"), Display resolution: 2556 x 1179 pixels, Display type: OLED. Processor family: Apple, Processor model: A17 Pro. Internal storage capacity: 1 TB. Rear camera resolution (numeric): 48 MP, Rear camera type: Triple camera. SIM card capability: Dual SIM. Operating system installed: iOS 17. Product colour: Titanium. Weight: 187 g

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    Last updated: 2023-12-11 15:55:32
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    Apple iPhone 15 Pro 15.5 cm (6.1") Dual SIM iOS 17 5G USB Type-C 1 TB Titanium

    Apple iPhone 15 Pro . Display diagonal: 15.5 cm (6.1"), Display resolution: 2556 x 1179 pixels, Display type: OLED. Processor family: Apple, Processor model: A17 Pro. Internal storage capacity: 1 TB. Rear camera resolution (numeric): 48 MP, Rear camera type: Triple camera. SIM card capability: Dual SIM. Operating system installed: iOS 17. Product colour: Titanium. Weight: 187 g

    • iPhone. Forged in titanium.

      iPhone 15 Pro is the first iPhone to feature an aerospace‑grade titanium design, using the same alloy that spacecraft use for missions to Mars.

      Titanium has one of the best strength‑to‑weight ratios of any metal, making these our lightest Pro models ever. You’ll notice the difference the moment you pick one up.

    • A display of true intelligence.

      iPhone 15 Pro has an advanced Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion. It ramps up refresh rates to 120Hz when you need exceptional graphics performance. And ramps down to save power when you don’t.

    • Dynamic Island

      Bubbles up alerts and Live Activities — so you don’t miss them while you’re doing something else. You can easily track your next ride, sports scores, flight status, and more.

    • StandBy for something special.

      StandBy turns your iPhone into a new, full-screen experience with glanceable information you can see from a distance. Just set it on its side while charging to display the time, showcase your favorite photos, or keep an eye on your widgets. Thanks to Always‑On display, it’s persistent. But at night, the screen dims so you can sleep easy.

    • A17 Pro chip. A monster win for gaming.

      A new, Pro‑class GPU enables games not seen before on any smartphone.

      iPhone 15 Pro uses hardware-accelerated ray tracing for the first time — that’s up to four times faster than software‑based ray tracing, delivering more fluid graphics and true‑to‑life lighting. It’s the fastest ray‑tracing performance in a smartphone.

      MetalFX Upscaling combines the performance of the GPU and the Neural Engine to produce high‑resolution graphics while using much less power. So you can game on and on.

    • A camera that captures your wildest imagination.

      From dramatic framing flexibility to next-generation portraits, see what you can do with our most powerful iPhone camera system.

    • 48MP camera. Megapowerful.

      The advanced quad‑pixel sensor makes the most of 48 megapixels by adapting to what you’re shooting, so you get low‑light photos with phenomenal detail. It also lets you scoot in closer with an additional 2x Telephoto.

      The new Photonic Engine combines the best pixels from a super‑high‑resolution image with another that’s optimized for light capture. So you automatically get 24MP photos — that’s twice the resolution than before — for everyday shots with extra detail.

    • What’s your Main mm?

      Now you can choose your default Main camera lens — 24 mm, 28 mm, or 35 mm — all without having to carry around extra gear. That’s the power of computational photography.

    • Next‑generation portraits.

      The Photonic Engine supercharges your portraits, giving you beautiful detail, true-to-life color, zero shutter lag, and up to two times better low-light performance.

      Now portraits can be Live Photos, too.

      In Portrait mode, you can use continuous zoom to move in nice and close.

      And you can even shift the focus between subjects after you take a shot.

    • Magic is made behind the camera, too.

      It’s not just portraits that benefit from the Photonic Engine. Night mode now lets you see your subjects more clearly in darker scenes with increased dynamic range.

    • Shift. Zoom. Steady. And, cut.

      Cinematic mode automatically shifts the focus to the most important subject in a scene. And now you can master compelling close‑ups with the new 2x optical‑quality zoom. Bravo.

      Use Action mode to steady a really shaky handheld shot.

    • Pro video. Now with more Pro.

      New Log encoding makes ProRes even more powerful, enabling more range and flexibility for visual effects and color grading in post.

      iPhone 15 Pro is the first smartphone to support ACES — Academy Color Encoding System — a global color standard for major movie productions. Do your thing, directors.

    • Get in on the Action button.

      The all‑new Action button is a fast track to your favorite feature. Once you set the one you want, just press and hold to launch the action.

    • Gigablast your gigabits.

      iPhone 15 Pro is the first iPhone to support USB 3, for a huge leap in data transfer speeds and faster pro workflows than ever before.

      The new USB‑C connector lets you charge your Mac or iPad with the same cable you use to charge iPhone 15 Pro. Bye‑bye, cable clutter.

    • USB‑Convenient.

      Now you can connect USB‑C gear like thumb drives, fast external storage, 4K displays, and microphones. And you can charge Apple Watch or AirPods from your iPhone.

      Charge up to 50% in around 30 minutes with the 20W USB‑C Power Adapter (sold separately).

    • Swap drives. Keep filming. And carry on.

      iPhone 15 Pro lets you shoot ProRes video directly to external storage, so you can quickly switch drives and keep your iPhone camera rolling on set. Want to capture slow motion Hollywood style? Now you can record ProRes 4K at 60 fps to an external SSD.

    • Battery life that’s positively Pro.

      Even with so many advanced new features, iPhone 15 Pro still gives you amazing all‑day battery life.

    • In an emergency, iPhone has your back.

      New Roadside Assistance via satellite can get you help for things like a flat tire or a dead battery, even when you’re off the grid.

      iPhone also has Emergency SOS via satellite and Crash Detection, two vital safety features that have helped save lives.

    • Introducing Roadside Assistance via satellite.

      If your car breaks down and you’re off the beaten path without cell service or Wi‑Fi, you can still use iPhone to get help.

      First, start a new text to Roadside Assistance and follow the easy onscreen steps to see how to connect — and stay connected — to a satellite. Then tap to answer a few key questions, like what model of car you have and what kind of help you need.

      Once you reply, you’ll be connected with a AAA roadside assistance provider, who can send someone with the right equipment to help get you moving again. Don’t have a membership? No worries. It all works, even if you’re not a member.

    • Emergency SOS via satellite.

      If you’ve tried calling 911 but don’t have cell service or Wi‑Fi, you can use iPhone to text emergency services over satellite.

      To save time, iPhone front-loads important questions to assess your situation. Just tap to respond. Then iPhone will show you where to point your phone to stay connected and avoid obstructions like mountains.

      Remember, it can take from 15 seconds to more than a minute to get through depending on conditions.

    • Crash Detection.

      iPhone can detect a severe car crash and call for help if you can’t.

      Hardware sensors and advanced motion algorithms identify signs of a crash, like sudden shifts in speed and direction, or changes in cabin pressure caused by deploying airbags.

      Then iPhone can call 911 and notify your emergency contacts. Precision dual‑frequency GPS helps relay your location accurately.

    • iOS 17. Style it out. Swap it over. Sticker it up.

      Contact Poster. Create your own poster that contacts will see when you call. Pick a favorite pic or Memoji, pair it with a favorite font, and there you have it — your very own calling card.

      NameDrop. Want to swap contact info with someone? Just bring your iPhone close to theirs. You can both choose what you want to share, and the information transfers instantly.

      Live Stickers. Touch and hold an object in a photo to lift it from the background and create a sticker. Add effects like Puffy and Shiny. Or create animated stickers from Live Photos.

    Enter A17 Pro.

    Game‑changing Chip. Groundbreaking Performance.


    So Strong. So Light. So Pro.

    All-new Action Button.

    What Will Yours Do?

    The first iPhone with an aerospace‑grade titanium design. A17 Pro, a game-changing chip. A customizable Action button. The most powerful iPhone camera system. And USB‑C with USB 3 for superfast transfer speeds.


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