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    Lenovo 1Y Accidental Damage Protection
    Lenovo 1Y Accidental Damage Protection
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    Lenovo 1Y Accidental Damage Protection. Number of years: 1 year(s)

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    Lenovo 1Y Accidental Damage Protection

    Lenovo 1Y Accidental Damage Protection. Number of years: 1 year(s)

    This Is An Add On Service, And Not The Actual Warranty.

    This add on service must match the length of warranty. If the warranty term is shorter than the length of this add on service you will need to purchase a warranty extension with this add on service.

    Pennies-A-Day Protection From Non-warranty Damage.
    Protecting Devices from the Unexpected.

    Today’s highly mobile workforce knows that accidents happen. Drops, bumps, and spills can damage even the most durable and well-engineered tablets, PCs, and Smart Displays. Lenovo’s Accidental Damage Protection (1) service covers accidents beyond the system warranty and protects your devices from non-warranty operational or structural failures incurred under normal operating conditions. This service helps IT departments avoid purchasing and managing extra inventory to replace damaged units.

    Does My Organization Need Accidental Damage Protection?

    Standard warranty terms and conditions don’t cover accidental damage and experience shows that a significant portion of users’ devices will be damaged and not covered under warranty in the first three years. Compared to repair or replacement costs, Accidental Damage Protection saves up to 80% (depending on device type and repairs needed). Lenovo’s Accidental Damage Protection service protects systems from the unintentional but unavoidable “oops” incidents bound to occur in highly mobile and active Modern IT workplaces.

    The Cost Of Repair And Replacement

    Based on historical Lenovo claims, Accidental Damage Protection can save, on average, 28% versus the typical cost of PC repairs and 75% for tablet repairs. While costs vary by device and the work needed, replacing and repairing commonly damaged components can be expensive:

    • $700 System Boards
    • $600 Monitors & Display Hardware
    • $300 Disk Drives
    • $250 Damaged Tablet (minor repairs)
    • $800 Damaged Tablet (multiple part replacements)

    What Does Lenovoaccidental Damage Protection Cover? (2)

    When it occurs under normal operating conditions, Accidental Damage Protections covers:

    • Accidental drops, spills, bumps, and structural failures
    • Electrical surges
    • Damage to the integrated LCD screen

    What Happens Once Your Claim Is Made?

    1. Lenovo uses comprehensive diagnostic tools to identify hidden damage that may be otherwise overlooked. (3)
    2. Skilled, qualified technicians conduct repairs using only Lenovo certified parts. (3)
    3. Restored PCs are returned to users or, if repairs are not possible, Lenovo replaces at no additional charge. (4)

    Options: Accidental Damage Protection

    Lenovo™ Premier Support provides direct access to skilled and experienced Lenovo technicians offering comprehensive hardware and software support. Our expert troubleshooters have the advanced technical know-how and systems knowledge to quickly provide solutions and advice that will keep your hardware and software operating at optimal efficiency.

    International Warranty Upgrade

    Travel internationally? Get the International Warranty Upgrade to extend your Accidental Damage Protection coverage. (5)

    Smarter Is Protecting Devices From The Unexpected.

    1) Not available in all markets.

    2) Not covered by Lenovo Accidental Damage Protection: cosmetic damage (scratches, dents, or cracks not affecting product functionality or structural integrity); equipment loss or failures due to use outside normal operating conditions; data loss or business interruption; intentional damage and misuse; removal or alteration of parts/accessories; theft; fire damage; damage to peripherals or third-party products (even if sold by Lenovo).

    3) If entitled to onsite warranty service under the Limited Lenovo Warranty, and the Service Provider determines your Product can be repaired onsite, the Service Provider will repair or exchange your product at your location. Some repairs may be completed at a service center; if so, the Service Provider will send the product to the service center at its expense. If on-site warranty with Accidental Damage Protection purchased, onsite service level repairs limited to LCD and non-customer replaceable keyboards. If repair cannot be completed at first onsite visit, the system will be shipped to Lenovo’s Service Center. Onsite service may not be available in all regions.

    4) Limitation of one replacement product. If the cost per claim exceeds the price of the product, the product will be replaced at Lenovo’s discretion.

    5) Service available in country or region where ADP coverage purchased and is not transferable should system travel to another country. International Warranty Upgrade allows for claims in other countries if ADP offered and device is supported in that country.

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    Lenovo 1Y Accidental Damage Protection
    £41.40 including VAT

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